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Three Food Stories - For the Love of Lunch
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Current Music:HEAD: Stevie Nicks, "Jimmy Come On Back"
Subject:Three Food Stories
Time:10:15 am
Current Mood:hungryhungry
So dixon came to visit, and I decided that I could sucker him into going to a restaurant I hadn't been to before, because my friends and I are usually relatively cheap. So we went to House of Teriyaki (for you Smithies, that's The Restaurant Formerly Known As Ichiban). Both of us had the beef teriyaki and declined the miso. I am not a fan of miso. Seaweed AND tofu? No thanks.
The food was fantastic, though it hasn't been sitting TOO well with me, mostly because I haven't been eating a lot of meat this summer, I think. The salad was a treat, seeing as it had peanut dressing. I really like that sort of thing and I think I'm going to look up how to make it sometime during the school year. Of course, I still adore Ranch.
I highly recommend HoT, by the way. And? They have sushi boats, which as any good Nukees reader knows, is kickass.

Secondly: coffee.
I adore coffee, and I've been drinking a lot of it lately, ever since I bought coffee singles at the grocery store. When you don't own a french press, and you don't have ready made swill (Tyler coffee being the subject of another post), they help immensely...especially seeing as a coffee at the CC is $1.09 (they upped it for the SSW, methinks), and the whole box of 19 singles is $3.59 or something. Admittedly, it's not as good, but it makes for a quick fix. The only problem when I'm at work is that I'm too lazy to go upstairs to the microwave, so my hot water from the tap is not as hot as I'd usually like my coffee. Can't win them all. And hey, it's the caffeine that matters.

Thirdly: bratwurst...the concept that inspired me to be so enthusiastic about this community initially.
I MISS bratwurst, desperately. I know one can get it in Springfield, as there's apparently a large German community down there...I remember when I gave Bonnie advice about German food...but I can't get down there much, and frankly, I wouldn't know where to look.
Besides, I'm not looking for restaurant bratwurst. I'm looking for a store-bought frozen Johnsonville brat, grilled by my father until nearly black, with ketchup, yellow mustard, and chopped onion. If you've never had a grilled brat, you seriously don't know what you're missing. Cooked in any other method, brats are NOT the same. My friend glassrosedragon, who refused (and still does, I think) to eat red meat, would eat brats as her only concession. They're THAT good. I may just buy some online, have them frozen shipped here, and get the kitchen staff to make some up. Anyone want a brat party at the beginning of September? Maybe Labor Day? Sounds like fun to me.
I'd attempt to describe the taste, but it's nearly impossible. You've gotta have it for yourself, and despite what people may say, Italian sausage doesn't QUITE cut it. Let's go fire up the grill, kids.
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Time:2004-07-26 08:05 am (UTC)
I must admit I have never had Bratwurst, and I am not much of a coffee person either. However, those Dunkin Donuts Latte's are so much better than Starbucks.

On the other hand I have a passionate love for Miso Soup.
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Three Food Stories - For the Love of Lunch
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